The J forum mailing lists give life to the J community. They are the best way to get help, help others, report bugs, and share your interest in J.

Newbies ask questions and get helpful, polite answers. Gurus present insights, sample code, problems, and solutions. Jsoftware posts product and beta announcements and provides support and direction.

The programming, beta, database, general and source forums are core forums. Posting messages to the core forums is restricted to active J users. Anyone is welcome to read these forums, but please do not send a message unless it is relevant to your J learning or programming.

The chat forum is an open discussion group, covering computer languages as long as there is some connection to J: array programming, aspects of other computer languages, historical tidbits, random questions about J, wish lists, etc. You don't need to be a J programmer to post to chat, and we welcome messages from outside the J community.

The core forums are moderated and posters of inappropriate messages will be directed to chat.

Jsoftware will remove any member that, in Jsoftware's sole opinion, sends messages that are abusive or inappropriate to the purpose of the forum.

Many people will see your message. It is basic courtesy to take the time to compose carefully and be as concise and clear as possible.

In answering questions, remember that teaching fishing is better than giving a fish. Rather than 'this is how' say 'these docs show you how'.

Please post to the right forum and reply to the right forum if a post is misplaced. Cross-posting is discouraged.

We recommend that serious J users subscribe to at least the programming forum, and the other forums depending on your level of interest. You must be subscribed to a forum before posting messages to it.

  • programming   - the main forum, covering J programming from beginner to expert, and announcements
  • beta   - current beta (bugs, problems, suggestions)
  • chat   - all other discussions on computer languages and J - messages welcomed from both J and non-J programmers
  • database   - discussions on Jd, the J database
  • general   - installation, support, website and other infrastructure topics
  • source   - J engine source

To subscribe or unsubscribe, follow the above links to the corresponding admin pages. The archives can be searched or accessed directly from the admin pages.

Please note that the forum email addresses are the name @ For more information, see Forums.